Our latest concept film entitled “Entrapment”, a 2011 WEVA Gold Award recipient, featured Mariya Maslova and Gennady Pikovsky– a wonderful and lively couple who went all out for their film debut. “Entrapment” starts off on a farm, with a farmer making his rounds– when all of a sudden a bunch of suspicious gangsters drag a hogtied damsel in distress from their trunk. Our hero notices the sketchy situation and eyes the thugs as they take her to their hideout with seemingly cruel intentions. Does our male protagonist take a stand or cleverly outwit the seedy thugs? You’ll have to stay tuned and find out!

This Love Story has a bit of everything: action, kidnapping, comedy, and of course– a healthy dose of romance. As you can imagine we had a blast shooting Entrapment. The film gave us a chance to shoot on one of our most extreme locations to date– an authentic farm! With cows, pigs, and chickens running amuck it was surely an exciting experience that we’ll always cherish. Without giving too much away, our story takes an exciting twist towards the end that’s sure to catch you off-guard. Our two starlets Mariya and Gennady were a high energy couple willing to go to the extreme in order for us to create a unique and exciting film that was telling of their unique story.

We knew from the moment that we met our leading couple that this film would be unlike any story we’ve ever worked on and have premiered at a wedding reception. Masterfully shot, exquisitely acted and carefully created– Visualaz is extremely pleased with the final product. The film debuted at Golden Gates Restaurant in Philadelphia, PA. So without further ado, we present to you Visualaz’s latest Concept Film– “Entrapment.”

P.S. Big thank you to Bobolink Dairy Farm in Milford, NJ for allowing us to film on location.