Ladies, we’ve all been there – crushing on that hottie only to find out he bats for the boys-only team. But what if there was a way to make him scope you out instead of that hot waiter who just served you drinks? In the concept film “Food of Love,” Svetlana creates a love potion she hopes will make her co-worker crush, Alex, only have eyes for her.

When Svetlana finds out Alex loves tomatoes, she injects several of the tasty fruit with her secret passion-fueled elixir. Over the next few weeks, she feeds Alex a steady stream of tomato-based drinks. Her potion appears to be working as the couple begins to date, but it seems Alex also has a few tricks up his sleeve. Keep watching for the surprise ending!

Filmed on location in sunny San Diego, California, the unique concept for “Food of Love” arose out of Svetlana and Alex’s real-life love for tomatoes. For this couple’s personalized film, they wanted a fictionalized but totally hilarious story of how they met and fell in love. They had a blast filming with Visualaz Cinematography. Stay tuned for some funny outtakes during the credits!