Get ready for a trip back in time with our concept film, “Prohibition.”

Opening a dusty old file from back in the day, Damin reminisces about a particular case he worked on as a young agent for the Prohibition Bureau. As he begins to tell his story, his memories take us back to the roaring twenties filled with bootleggers and speakeasies.

Following a lead, Damin finds himself investigating a chocolate factory that may be harboring alcohol. A flapper named Inga gives him a tour of the factory and Damin doesn’t find anything incriminating. Determined to get some evidence, Damin comes up with a plan — get the girl to fall in love with him.

Damin takes Inga out on a date to a swanky restaurant. Feeling comfortable, Inga takes a swig from her alcohol-filled flask, while Damin eyes her suspiciously. As he continues to go out with Inga, Damin finds himself falling for her. He begins to loosen up and indulge in Inga’s more freeing and illicit lifestyle. It’s at this point he realizes he’s in love with her.

Certain that there’s illegal activity going on behind closed doors at the chocolate factory, Damin has a hard decision to make. Will he turn Inga in and let her be sent to the slammer? If he stays with her, what about his career? In the end, Damin has to choose — will it be love or the law? Tune in to find out…