Miami Lights

Love Story
Dec 4, 2015

Miami Lights

Igor and Rafaela were destined to be together. When they first met, they were smitten with each other, but were torn apart when Rafaela had to move away. Years later she returned, only to find that Igor was the one she was meant to be with all along.

In the opening scene, Rafaela is catching a taxi in the present day. Her mind turns to memories of Igor and their time together. She remembers how heartbreaking it was to leave him. The present melds with the past, and their love story begins.

Vignettes of shared moments and special occasions show the evolution of Igor and Rafaela’s relationship. From spending a beautiful day in the park and reading about the history of Miami, to taking a romantic boat ride and having rose petals dropped from a helicopter, this couple simply enjoys one another. Their fun-loving nature comes out through their playfulness on the beach and cruising around town in a classic Mustang while grooving to some tunes.

Filmed in and around beautiful Miami, it’s clear that Igor and Rafaela cherish their second chance at love. No matter what they are doing, they fit perfectly together. Their concept film is like a collection of postcards from their relationship, showing just how their love has grown. As the film closes, Igor opens the door to the taxi and smiles at Rafaela sitting within; she smiles back. At that moment, their love seems timeless, as if the universe intervened to bring these two together.